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March 13, 2019
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People are social by nature and they engage in many types of communal interests. No longer defined by locale or physical presence, many communities are now virtual. People interact in multiple communities, that are nested or inter-connected in complex ways. Online communities have become mainstream for business, professional education, information, interests, and pleasures.

Whether physical or virtual, “community” implies both an individual perception and a collective sense of belonging, trust and mutual influence. The sense of a shared experience is fundamental to the human experience. People form and maintain communities to meet special needs, and communities have a significant personal impact on health well-being. They play an increasingly important role in the everyday life and in the platform economy. They have become vital to education, learning and the cultivation of human resources that fuel and sustain innovation.

Some of the Questions to Examine:
What is “community”?
How might information technologies enhance the human experience of community?
What insights from human sciences can guide the next wave of community-enabling technologies?
What can we learn from best practices?
How might horizon technologies contribute the quality of life enjoyed by individuals and their communities?

#mediaX2019 Conference
Digital Communities and the Augmented Human Experience
MacKenzie Room, Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center
April 25th 9a-4p

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