mediaX 2021 Conference Will Be Held Over 3 Days

This three session conference (July 13, 14 and 15) brings together thought leaders from the Stanford and mediaX member communities to share recent insights on what similarities in curiosity and learning of humans and machines can be assumed or explored.

Building a Digital Trust Ecosystem for Education

In this session, Rafiq El Alami examines how UM6P in Morocco was able to position itself as a trusted intermediary, that mobilized all stakeholders, inside UM6P and across Morocco, to solve the current challenges we are facing.

An Ontology of Choice-Based Learning

From The Theme ONTOLOGIES FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE OF LEARNING WHAT IF What if we could instantiate a framework for a new form of learning ontology which focuses on learning strategies rather than knowledge states? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO This ontology development is an outgrowth of research on choice-based assessments. Success at observing […]

Leveraging Distributed Intelligence

Roy Pea is David Jacks Professor of Education & Learning Sciences at Stanford University, Graduate School of Education, and (by courtesy) Computer Science, and Director of the H-STAR Institute. His studies and publications in the learning sciences focus on advancing theories, research, tools, and social practices of technology-enhanced learning of complex domains, including his role […]

Immersive Technologies for Learning

In this first-of-kind, the Very Virtual Retreat we will use existing and emerging technologies to leverage experiences and insights from the mediaX membership community of scholars, researchers, instructors and learners focusing on immersive technologies for learning.