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January 26
Event Details

Flying Without Co-pilots: Opportunities to Bridge Gaps in the Support Ecosystem for Children with Autism – Session 3

Speakers: Lilyan W.J. Campbell, Lakshmi Balasubramanian, Marsali Hancock & Trevor Clark

This workshop will look at how we might better shape the capabilities and mindsets of professionals who work in fields of autism/special needs support – teachers, medical professionals and other care givers working with special needs children. The focus of this session is Building Together: At Home and in the Community.


mediaX ceased its formal operations on March 31, 2022. This website contains highlights of the research and events that were done over the two decades of operation. We humbly acknowledge the intellectual strength and generosity of the Stanford research community in providing thought leadership and in engaging in exploratory dialogues to share early results, preliminary findings, and nascent research questions. mediaX members’ intellectual curiosity and drive for practical applications have been a continual source of energy and motivation.