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Keep current with news, stories, research, events and key happenings around mediaX at Stanford University and beyond.

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Explore and collaborate with Stanford scholars on leading-edge questions that have a time horizon of three to seven years.

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Focus on how the relationship between people and technology can be enhanced, augmented and improved.

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February 19
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Innovation Leadership in Highly Dynamic and Unpredictable Contexts

Speakers: Kyoko Sato, Robert Siegel & Martin Fischer

The 4 day Global Innovation Leadership Program experience is immersive, interactive and intense. The learnings and insights harvested throughout the week are applicable to any leader in any industry that finds itself in dynamic, complex and volatile environment with high uncertainty.

This Event if Full
Please email Addy Dawes if you have any questions.

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mediaX at Stanford University is the Industry Affiliate Program of Stanford’s H-STAR Institute extended from the Stanford Graduate School of Education into all Stanford University labs where human sciences and information technologies are studied together. We help our members explore how the thoughtful use of technology can impact a range of fields, from entertainment to learning to commerce to wellness. Together, we’re researching innovative ways for people to collaborate, communicate, and interact with the information, products, and industries of tomorrow.