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November 3
Event Details

Taxonomies and Ontologies for the Human Experience in Digital Environments

Speakers: Mark Musen, Bruce McCandliss, Carla Pugh, Russell Poldrack, Nick Haber, Nilam Ram, Dennis Wall, Jason Yeatman, Maxi Heitmeyer & Robert Kaplan

In this Symposium, mediaX brings together a multidisciplinary selection of scientists and researchers studying the human experience in digital environments. Through established frameworks, concept-proving projects, and practical issues, this program will explore how we might better describe the human experience in digital environments.

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mediaX at Stanford University is the Industry Affiliate Program of Stanford’s H-STAR Institute extended from the Stanford Graduate School of Education into all Stanford University labs where human sciences and information technologies are studied together. We help our members explore how the thoughtful use of technology can impact a range of fields, from learning to entertainment to commerce to wellness. Together, we’re researching innovative ways for people to collaborate, communicate, and interact with the information, products, and industries of tomorrow.