Pass The Torch

For more than 20 years, mediaX brought innovative companies and researchers together to explore thoughtful uses of information technology across industries. mediaX ceased its formal operations as of March 31, 2022. Some frontiers continue, some have changed. mediaX offers several resources to Pass the Torch to those who embrace the challenges of creating social science insights to make technology that enables and empowers people.

Human Requirements for Immersive Experiences

We’ve dramatically increased the proportion of interactions that are NOT face-to-face. It’s critical to understand new cues for taking turns in telepresence and the importance of the immersive experiences.

Thinking Tools for Wicked Problems

Complex problems that seem to defy solutions are upon us – big time. Solutions are urgently needed. These webinar conversations present thinking models that may inspire solutions and help guide us through these challenging times.

Insights & Perspectives

A collection of mediaX Thought Leaders who contribute their insights and expertise through in-depth and thoughtful blog posts that help address challenges faced by many people and communities around the world.

Sharing Personal Journeys

At this time in history we can learn from and support each other in many ways. Leveraging the learning opportunities – through sharing and support – will prove highly beneficial in the post-pandemic era ahead.

Creating AI Conversations

Conversational AI personalities are playing an increasing role in our everyday lives. As conversational AI becomes integrated in our society, we need to give serious thought to mindfully creating these personalities and conversations.

Trsut Transparency Technology Program

Trust, Transparency Technology

Machine learning, pattern recognition, and sensor driven applications play out behind the scenes. Understanding the conditions that help to build trust is a worthy challenge for the open, non-linear, multi-faceted, and globally connected world we live in.

Foresight Main Programs

Foresight Innovation

This program brings together researchers at Stanford and our member organizations who study radical and disruptive innovation, long-range planning, future scenarios, next generation (product or service) and development.