Foresight Innovation

With human empowerment as an objective, studies catalyzed by mediaX themed research explore human behavior and needs, contexts in which people use technologies, the ecosystems of enablers and constraints, and the frameworks in which meaning and value are obtained. This research produces insights and skills for internal growth, interventions, innovation, and change.

Individual and group contexts of human behavior are crucial for translational research that leads to design, development and application of information technologies for wellbeing and quality of life. These contexts include home, leisure, work, and education; the environments range from local to global.

With user-centered inquiry and shared vision, strategies for innovation and transformation are developed with insights from human sciences that leverage deep knowledge in a virtuous cycle that guides the design, development and application of culture, processes, procedures, technologies, and meaning.

Aligned with insights about people, information technologies can empower new data-driven platforms, services, interfaces and products that shape culture, governance, meaning and security in a world of accelerating complexity.

mediaX research, seminar and workshop programs leverage discovery collaborations for shared vision and the design of products, services and environments that contribute to personal, professional, community, and urban quality of life, as well as sustainability for the planet.

Research Area Foresight Innovation


Interests include: future user need-finding; moonshot program development; organizing for disruptive, radical and architectural innovation; and tools for bringing foresight abilities into organizations.

Team Foresight and Innovation


The people behind the Foresight Program seek insights to empower action for innovations that will enhance the human experience through the use of information technologies.