May 26
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Making Context Relevant for Learning Essential Skills for the Workplace

Speaker: Mark Atkinson

SPACE IS LIMITED. Daily human interactions have a comparable impact on employee productivity and retention. Virtual reality simulations are a powerful modality for developing skilled and effective human-to-human interactions. Mark Atkinson, is CEO of Mursion dives into this topic in the next “Thinking Tools for Wicked Problems” webinar. See Best Practices for mediaX Webinars

Drop Dead Happy

SPACE IS LIMITED. The mediaX webinar series "Sharing Personal Journeys" continues with mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar Davis Masten. In this session, After being read his last rights, Davis shares his perspective and personal insights as he explores longevity as an artist. See Best Practices for mediaX Webinars

A Silver Lining in Pandemic Disruption to Learning in Schools

In the first session of the new mediaX webinar series titled Sharing Personal Journeys, Esther Wojcicki shares her expertise and personal insights into the disruption of schools during the pandemic. The discussion will focus on the commonality of learning principles at all age levels and how we can best employ them.

Can Consistent Trust Decisions Bring People Back to Work?

Bringing people back-to-work is a grand challenge that requires more than wearing masks, and conforming to hygiene, screening, and distancing. A key component of reopening the economy will be more Testing to establish trust and inform safer behaviors. Ajay Madhock looks at this issue in the next “Thinking Tools for Wicked Problems” webinar.

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