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February 19
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Innovation Leadership in Highly Dynamic and Unpredictable Contexts

Speakers: Kyoko Sato, Robert Siegel & Martin Fischer

The 4 day Global Innovation Leadership Program experience is immersive, interactive and intense. The learnings and insights harvested throughout the week are applicable to any leader in any industry that finds itself in dynamic, complex and volatile environment with high uncertainty.

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AI for Culturally Relevant Interactions

The goal of this forum is to move the human-AI relationship forward by bringing industry trailblazers together with Stanford cross-disciplinary thought leadership to examine and evolve concepts, technologies and practices used to integrate culture and identity with artificial intelligence and robots.

#mediaX2018 Conference: Transparency and Trust in a World of Social Bots

The #mediaX2018 Conference focuses on Transparency and Trust in a World of Social Bots and will bring together Stanford thought leaders and industry partners for a deep dive into this vital topic at the intersection of human sciences and information technology.

Creating AI Conversations Panel Series: Personality and Voice in AI

Creating AI Conversations is a series of panel discussions that will delve into the thinking, research, and process around crafting the personalities, conversations, and interactions of AI entities with people. This weeks topic: Personality and Voice in AI.

mediaX events are interdiciplinary and span numerous subjects and industries.