October 23
Event Details

Algorithms and Analytics: Connecting the Learner and the Learning

Speakers: Ajay Madhok, Robert Moore, Mark Musen, Martha Russell, Daniel Schwartz, Emma Brunskill, Bruce Cahan, Chris Piech, Nick Haber, Sara Aouad, Karen Xiaolin Wang, Roy Pea & Janine Zacharia

Join us October 23, 2019 in CERAS #101 from 8:30am to 4:45pm as experts and members in the mediaX community explore the frontiers of learning algorithms and analytics that connect learners with learning including; Measuring what Matters in Learning, Designing Learning Experiences and Algorithms for Conversation and Developing Metatags for Open Exchange.

Re-envisioning the “Seat-Time” Algorithm in Education

This panel panel features Esther Wojcicki, Larry Rosenstock and Shelley Goldman who will explore organizational change in the educational context, with a particular focus on adapting definitions of in-school learning to benefit student empowerment.

Pre-Release Screening of The Report

mediaX in conjunction with Amazon Studios and The Stanford National Security & the Law Society invite you a special screening of the upcoming movie The Report. There will be a reception starting at 5p, the screening at 6p and Q&A with Scott Z Burns at 8p.

#mediaX2019 Conference: Digital Communities and the Augmented Human Experience

The #mediaX2019 Conference: Digital Communities and the Augmented Human Experience will bring together Stanford scholars and industry partners to dive into what builds community in 2019 and beyond.

mediaX events are interdiciplinary and span numerous subjects and industries.