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May 5
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#mediaX2020 Conference: Creating Human Relevance in AI


The #mediaX2020 Conference “Creating Human Relevance in AI” will bring together Stanford Thought Leaders and mediaX member organizations to explore new insights that can inspire bridges of relevance between the individual and the algorithm.

Situated Activity, Distributed Intelligence and Action Pathways

The Global Innovation Leadership Program by mediaX at Stanford University is a program that fills a critical gap for mid-career technology executives who aspire to lead break-through research and innovation in their organizations

Double-Distributed Architecture: A Culture-mimetic Approach for Designing Resilient Sustainable Systems

Professor Saadi Lahlou, Chair in Social Psychology at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Director of the Paris Institute of Advanced Study will describe in very practical terms how to design such DDA (double-distributed architectures) systems inspired by cultural evolution.

Algorithms and Analytics: Connecting the Learner and the Learning

Join us October 23, 2019 in CERAS #101 from 8:30am to 4:45pm as experts and members in the mediaX community explore the frontiers of learning algorithms and analytics that connect learners with learning including; Measuring what Matters in Learning, Designing Learning Experiences and Algorithms for Conversation and Developing Metatags for Open Exchange.

mediaX events are interdiciplinary and span numerous subjects and industries.