June 13
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Innovation Ecosystems for Future Communities

Speakers: Martha Russell, Michael Steep & Yassi Moghaddam

This half day program fills a critical gap for innovation by focusing on relationship-based innovation networks to cross-fertilize ideas and concepts among innovation strategists and practitioners who understand the mutual dependency of people and information tech, especially in a city of the future.

Bechtel Conference Center
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2019 Disruptive Technology & Digital Cities Summit

This year, the summit on June 3rd and 4th will focus is on “Crossing the Data Layer Through Mobility,” and will look at how new advances in material sciences, robotics, electric cars, cyber-security, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence will impact the exchange of data to create new insights in urban settings.

Measuring Impact That Matters: mediaX Member Workshop

This workshop is for leaders and influencers from mediaX member organizations. We’ll explore how business goals can be linked to outcomes that yield BOTH productivity for the company and positive outcomes for humankind.

#mediaX2019 Conference: Digital Communities and the Augmented Human Experience

The #mediaX2019 Conference: Digital Communities and the Augmented Human Experience will bring together Stanford scholars and industry partners to dive into what builds community in 2019 and beyond.

Innovation Leadership in Highly Dynamic and Unpredictable Contexts

The 4 day Global Innovation Leadership Program experience is immersive, interactive and intense. The learnings and insights harvested throughout the week are applicable to any leader in any industry that finds itself in dynamic, complex and volatile environment with high uncertainty.

Launching Alternative Realities and Understanding Implications: mediaX Roundtable

This mediaX Roundtable looks at how the questions we ask and study in the next 2 years will significantly impact new opportunities in content, usability, standards, and business models across application areas in health, business, entertainment, and education.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Education and Learning

Business input is strategically important, and mediaX is hosting a one-day international workshop bringing together business and academic thought leaders to identify business opportunities in an emerging agenda of research on artificial intelligence and big data for learning and education.

AI for Culturally Relevant Interactions

The goal of this forum is to move the human-AI relationship forward by bringing industry trailblazers together with Stanford cross-disciplinary thought leadership to examine and evolve concepts, technologies and practices used to integrate culture and identity with artificial intelligence and robots.

Trust and Transparency in Personalized Algorithms

The Trust, Transparency & Technology panel series consists of discussions that delve into the research, concepts and tools that may help create open collaborations in a world of automated intelligent agents, algorithm-driven interactions, and machines that can learn what humans can't explain.