Building Reciprocity: Curiosity and Learning in Humans and Machines

mediaX 2021 Virtual Conference
July 13, 14 and 15, 2021

Learning is rooted in what it means to be human. Exploration, curiosity, and feedback both fuel and guide development in humans, as well as in science and analytics. This is a lifelong endeavor for humans. Machines and systems, increasingly required to continue a trajectory of learning, rely on patterns, sequences, consistencies, feedback, and new instruction for their improvement. What similarities in curiosity and learning of humans and machines can be assumed or explored?

Over three days, mediaX thought leaders will share recent insights on important questions:

*In what ways can technological augmentation, simulation, or communication enhance the reciprocity between human and machine learning?

*Toward what reciprocal outcomes will we aspire for human and machine learning?

*How will the assessment of 21st century human learning be like or unlike the assessment of learning in automated systems?

Full Schedule: (All Times Pacific)
EMPOWERMENT – Tuesday, July 13, 8:00am-10:30am
“The Influence of Culture, Community and Context on Learning”
Industry Panel: “Designing Systems for Digital Instruction”
“Inclusive Innovation for Developing Relevant Learning Assessments”

DISCOVERY – Wednesday, July 14, 1:00pm-3:30pm
“A Taxonomy for Curiosity in Humans and AI”
“Limitations for Curiosity and Discovery in Open AI – GPT-3”
mediaX & NOVIM Awards

FEEDBACK – Thursday, July 15, 5:00pm-7:30pm
“Leaky Abstractions for Designing AI Experiences”
Industry Panel: “Teaching AIs to Provide Feedback to Humans”



Martha G. Russell. Spanning issues in special education to workforce revitalization to higher education, Russell’s advocacy for science to create effective learning environments has focused on partnership programs. She has led and advised local, regional, national and international joint ventures to optimize the influence of innovative technologies on talent pipelines, industry-government-university collaborations and service ecosystems.

Martha is Executive Director of mediaX at Stanford University and Senior Research Scholar with the Human Sciences Technology Advanced Research Institute at Stanford. Dr. Russell leads business alliances and interdisciplinary research for mediaX at Stanford University. Her north star principles focus on people and information technologies as intersecting vectors and maintain an unswerving dedication to the power of shared vision, Russell has developed planning/evaluation systems and has led operations for local, regional, national and international joint ventures that seek to optimize the influence of innovative technologies on talent pipelines, industry-government-university collaborations and service ecosystems.

Jean-Claude Brizard is President and CEO of Digital Promise, a global, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization focused on accelerating innovation in education. He is former Senior Advisor and Deputy Director in US Programs at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where he focused on PK-16 education across five communities in four states. He also led several strategies to help close the racial and economic achievement gaps in Washington State's educational system as well as support the growth and sustainability of the state’s public charter school sector.

He is the former Chief Executive of Chicago Public Schools. Prior to his appointment in Chicago, he was Superintendent of Schools for the Rochester, NY School District. Under Mr. Brizard’s leadership, both the Chicago Public Schools and the Rochester City School District saw substantial improvements in student performance. Mr. Brizard’s experience also includes a 21-year career as an educator and administrator with the NYC Department of Education. He served as a Regional Superintendent, supervising more than 100 schools in the Borough of Brooklyn and he also served as the system’s Executive Director for its 400 secondary schools. He is a Fellow of the Broad Center, a Fellow of the Pahara-Aspen Institute, and a member of the Aspen Institute Global Leadership Network.

Derek Li is the Founder and Chief Education Technology Scientist at Squirrel Ai Learning, the top 20 AI-Unicorn in China. He is the first-prize winner of Chinese Mathematical Olympiad. He was selected into the most prestigious Shanghai Jiaotong University’s Computer Science Experimental Program in high school.

As a serial entrepreneur, he co-founded the first education company listed in China’s A-shares market. He was awarded “the Top 30 AI-Entrepreneur in China.” Derek also created several ingenious educational innovations in the world, “Concepts on Nano-scaled knowledge Components”, “AI-Model-Adapted Learning-Skills-Decomposition Methods”, “Reconstructing Knowledge Space Theory (KST) with Students’ Reasons for Mistakes”, “Algorithms on Calculating the Relevance of Probability between Non-relevant Knowledge Components.”

Rebecca Bettencourt serves as a Senior Workforce Development Manager for E. & J. Gallo Winery, where she has the responsibility for developing and improving educational and training programs within the Operations and Supply Chain organization. Her role encompasses both supporting the training and development needs of current team members and helping to shape the future workforce through the local education talent pipeline.

She has been instrumental in developing these pipelines and in the creation of pre-internship, internship programs and mentorship programs for different career technical pathways. She leads the program oversight and program development of all apprenticeship programs at Gallo, and with this works sits on the Interagency Committee on Apprenticeships (IACA) for the State of California and co-chairs the Sub Committee for Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeships.

Tomás Nascimento is a senior technician with SEST SENAT in Brazil. He has worked on projects such as the acquisition of driving simulators, which included the development of innovative educational and technological proposals and the acquisition of more than 130 driving simulators throughout Brazil. Tomás graduated with a degree in communication and has a Masters in Sociology and is a specialist in Business Management and Public Policy Management.

In addition, Tomás has done International Agreements with Natural Resources Canada – NRC and the Environmental Protection Agency – EPA in order to offer courses with international certification by the Smartway (USA) and Fleetsmart (Canada) programs.