Pass The Torch

For more than 20 years, mediaX brought innovative companies and researchers together to explore thoughtful uses of information technology across industries. mediaX ceased its formal operations as of March 31, 2022. Some frontiers continue, some have changed. mediaX offers several resources to Pass the Torch to those who embrace the challenges of creating social science insights to make technology that enables and empowers people.

To learn more about research and events of the mediaX program, explore this website.

If you’d like to connect with Martha Russell, Executive Director of mediaX at Stanford University, you can send her an email at

Highlights + Reflections

The mediaX Highlights + Reflections book describes six of the many virtuous cycles of inspiration and insights cultivated during two decades (2001-2022). Each topic reflects on how socio-technical and cultural changes influenced the dialogues between academic and business colleagues. The related research programs at Stanford University and the mediaX events that inspired them are referenced.

Catalyst Culture Playbook

The Catalyst Culture Playbook describes how the program operated, told by its participants. It includes information about the organization’s emergence and evolution, as well as the academic and corporate affiliates of mediaX. It is the hope of the mediaX community that tomorrow’s visionaries can use elements of the mediaX experience to become catalysts for the future.

Questions for the Future

Drawing on mediaX research initiatives, with input from academic and business colleagues, Questions for the Future is a booklet of questions that have yet to be solved. Please consider these questions for your work, for your organizations, for your life goals.