Catalyst Culture Playbook

The Catalyst Culture Playbook was created in response to requests expressed by many mediaX participants and collaborators, from Florianopolis, Brazil to Guangzhou, China to Tokyo, Japan to Dubai, United Arab Emirates and more, who wished to reproduce or adapt the success of mediaX at Stanford University in their own locales, businesses and institutions. At the same time, it celebrates the accomplishments of the individuals and companies who participated in mediaX programs over the past twenty years. Participant recollections serve as mini-case studies.

Featured Content:
*Mission and Goals
*Block and Tackle: User’s Guide to the Playbook

*Get on the Same Page: How can we implement a catalyst culture?
*Tee it up: How does a catalyst bring industry and academic researchers to the same table?

*Full court press: How do we streamline the catalyst role?
*It’s a Team Sport: The Virtuous Cycle of Mutual Benefit

*Always bring your “A” game: How do we build relationships that support a multidisciplinary community?
*Keep the ball rolling: How do we facilitate the exploration of new ideas?

*Score a hat trick
*Pass the Torch
*Knock it out of the Park: Many Thanks

You may share this book along with these additional resources with your teams around the world.

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