Insights & Perspectives

Building on the mediaX mission of keeping the human in the loop, this section presents considerations and expertise through in-depth and thoughtful blog posts that help address challenges faced by many people and communities around the world.

Enabling The Economy To Reopen

Jump starting the economies around the world is one of the biggest challenges we have today. mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar Ajay Madhok shares his expertise and insights on how to get things moving again.

Robotics for Human Resilience

mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar Neil Jacobstein addresses the importance of using robots during the COVID-19 pandemic period and beyond as bobotics can be framed as a useful set of tools for seamless extensions of our ability to do local work remotely.

A New Playbook for Corporate Resilience

Diving into Purpose-built Innovation, mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar Ajay Madhok explores this strategy that empowers large corporations to seize growth opportunities using the same playbook as startups.

3 Algorithmists Meet Robin Hood

Bruce Cahan, a lecturer in Stanford’s School of Engineering and mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar Alum explains the roles of amplifiers, receivers and the true importance of tuners when dealing with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Changing Patterns of Interaction

Getting computers to do our bidding has always been a bit mysterious to those of us not steeped in machine code, operating systems, and programming. mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar Susan Stucky explains why and how that has changed.

Drop Dead Happy

Drop Dead Happy is a simple idea for mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar Davis Masten. He wants his life span and his health span to give out on the same day. Preferably a day where he’s happy. In this post, Davis shares his very personal journey.