Building Trust through Technology-enabled Intermediaries

As people across the globe continue to adjust to implications of the global pandemic, the continued uncertainty elevates the necessity for trusted relationships. Beleivability and confidence between individuals, directly and indirectly through their devices, exists in a variety of contexts.

Many contexts require a trusted intermediary. This third-party mediates interactions, sitting between stakeholders. In some cases, these stakeholders are users of services or activities provided through digital platforms. In many cases, users contribute the data that creates the benefits they receive.

In all scenarios, trust is essential, and often technological tools are a key component for enabling those relationships, serving as a hub and adding algorithmic filters to deliver effective and cognitive security in mutually beneficial systems.

This series investigates tools, processes, and strategies that are helping to build trust across a variety of contexts.

Building a Digital Trust Ecosystem for Education

In this session, Rafiq El Alami examines how UM6P in Morocco was able to position itself as a trusted intermediary, that mobilized all stakeholders, inside UM6P and across Morocco, to solve the current challenges we are facing.