Building a Digital Trust Ecosystem for Education

What can be considered as one the worst health and economic crises of the last century – COVID-19, became an opportunity for Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) and its ecosystem to take a leadership role in Morocco and in Africa. In a matter of weeks we were able to forge relationships with government agencies, regulations organisms, telecom companies, social organizations, TV network channels… to launch initiatives to mitigate the impact of the crisis. We produced more then 3000 OERs for K to 12 classes, these OERs were made free to access and we managed to have Telecom operators to drop the data charges to access those. With partner universites from around the world we launched other programs for higher education.

In this session, Building a Digital Trust Ecosystem for Education, El Alami addresses how UM6P was able to position itself as a trusted intermediary, that mobilized all stakeholders – inside UM6P and across Morocco – to work across silos to solve the current challenges we are facing.

Rafiq El Alami is responsible for the Digital Learning Lab at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic Institute (UM6P) and is interested in both digital and organizational infrastructures. His goal is to increase adoption of “digital” at UM6P across the board – for research, education and innovation. El Alami’s research interests in digital education include exploring new ways for improving the learning experience and increase digital instruction’s effectiveness – across styles, platforms and experiences. As the head of the Digital For Research Lab, El Alami collaborates with UM6P’s various research departments to use big data, crowd sourcing, and Artificial Intelligence to improve existing models or create new ones.