Taxonomies and Ontologies for the Human Experience in Digital Environments

In this Symposium, mediaX brings together a multidisciplinary selection of scientists and researchers studying the human experience in digital environments. Through established frameworks, concept-proving projects, and practical issues, this program will explore how we might better describe the human experience in digital environments.

mediaX 2021 Conference Will Be Held Over 3 Days

This three session conference (July 13, 14 and 15) brings together thought leaders from the Stanford and mediaX member communities to share recent insights on what similarities in curiosity and learning of humans and machines can be assumed or explored.

Building a Digital Trust Ecosystem for Education

In this session, Rafiq El Alami examines how UM6P in Morocco was able to position itself as a trusted intermediary, that mobilized all stakeholders, inside UM6P and across Morocco, to solve the current challenges we are facing.

Building a Digital Trust Ecosystem for Education

In this virtual webinar series thought leaders will explore how intermediaries, through systems and ecosystems, can serve to build trust networks between people and we'll investigate tools, processes, and strategies that are helping to build bridges across a variety of contexts.

Using Immersive Environments for Transportation Training

Tomás Nascimento is a senior technician with SEST SENAT in Brazil. He has worked on projects such as the acquisition of driving simulators, which included the development of innovative educational and technological proposals and the acquisition of more than 130 driving simulators throughout Brazil. Tomás graduated with a degree in communication and has a Masters […]

Immersion and Learning

Anna Queiroz is a researcher at the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University. Anna is in charge of the educational efforts using virtual reality at the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University. Her research focus on cognitive and effective implications of new media and technology in learning, attitude and behavior change. She is […]

Language, Culture and Digital Media

Bryan Brown is a professor of teacher education. His research interest explores the relationship between student identity, discourse, classroom culture, and academic achievement in science education. He focuses on the social connotations and cultural politics of science discourse in small-group and whole-group interaction. Additionally, his research work in science education examines how teacher and student […]

The Potential of Digital AI in Healthcare

Dennis Wall is Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Biomedical Data Sciences at Stanford Medical School. He leads a lab in Pediatric Innovation focused on developing methods in biomedical informatics to disentangle complex conditions that originate in childhood and perpetuate through the life course, including autism and related developmental delays. For over a decade, first […]