mediaX Faculty Director Awarded Honorary Doctorate for Contributions to Learning Sciences

December 3, 2018
Roy Pea

The Open University has awarded Roy Pea, the David Jacks Professor of Education and Learning Sciences at Stanford Graduate School of Education, with an honorary doctorate degree. At a ceremony in London in September, the U.K.-based university honored Pea for his “tremendous contribution” to the field of learning science.

“I’ve devoted my career to the building of university training programs in the learning sciences and technology design and associated research centers, research partnerships and projects, and scholarly publications,” Pea said while accepting the honor.

“My aims in all of these works were to open up equitable opportunities for advanced learning of complex subjects for everyone no matter their circumstances, backgrounds or characteristics. I want to ­– and we can – use the sciences of learning to increasingly achieve this goal.”

Watch Professor Pea’s Ceremony Below (starting at 1:04:45).

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