The Intersection Between Human Learning and Machine Learning

Richard Tong is the Chief Architect of Squirrel AI Learning by Yixue Education Group. He is an experienced ed-tech technologist, executive and entrepreneur. He was the Head of Implementation, Greater China Region for Knewton, and Director of Solution Architecture for Amplify Education. He also served as CTO of Phoenix New Media (NYSE:FENG). He has been heavily […]

2019 Disruptive Technology & Digital Cities Summit

This year, the summit on June 3rd and 4th will focus is on “Crossing the Data Layer Through Mobility,” and will look at how new advances in material sciences, robotics, electric cars, cyber-security, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence will impact the exchange of data to create new insights in urban settings.

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Registration is Open for #mediaX2019 Conference

Join us April 25th from 9a-4p as we address the topic of Digital Communities and the Augmented Human Experience and look at questions like What is “community” and How will information technologies enhance the human experience of community?

#mediaX2019 Conference: Digital Communities and the Augmented Human Experience

The #mediaX2019 Conference: Digital Communities and the Augmented Human Experience will bring together Stanford scholars and industry partners to dive into what builds community in 2019 and beyond.

Real Time Knowledge Capture and Feedback in Design Workspaces

From The Theme SMART OFFICE WORKFLOWS WHAT IF What if we could capture knowledge and interactions in real time, in order to better understand team interaction and workflow? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We set out to develop a knowledge capture and reuse system that enables real-time analysis and feedback for design workspaces. Our […]

Interaction Archetypes in Global Teamwork (Arche)

From The Theme CONTEXTUAL FUTURES FOR SMART PERSONAL DEVICES WHAT IF? What if ubiquitous wearable sensors and smart devices could be leveraged to augment global team interaction, improve team dynamics, and unlock new team potential? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We proposed Arche, a concept-proving project aimed at uncovering interaction archetypes in global teamwork […]