The #mediaX2018 Conference Presentations Are Now Available

May 30, 2018
mediaX2018 Presentations Available

Trust is an important part of every relationship, whether it’s human-human or human-AI. How this trust develops is an essential question for the world we live in. AI entities can use personality to build relationships and maintain trust, but trust is not synonymous with 100% assurance.With this as a backdrop, the May 8th #mediaX2018 Conference: Transparency and Trust in a World of Social Bots brought together Stanford scholars and industry leaders for a deep dive exploration of key issues in authenticity, reliability, reputation, transparency and trust.

This topic is rooted in the expanding capacity of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to intermediate between people and data. and topics include, Topics will include: The Mutual Influence of People and Bots, Rights, Revenues and Responsibilities in the Supply Chain of Data, Trust & Transparency in News and Other Media, New AI Solutions to Verify Facts, Building Critical Thinking Skills and AI Literacy, Teaching and Evaluating Critical Thinking Skills and Brands, Trust and Virtual Personalities.

#mediaX2018 Thought Leaders
Martha Russell, Margaret Levi, Shelby Coffey and Esther Wojcicki, Byron Reeves, Marsali Hancock, Karen Hsu, Will Murphy, David Evans and Saadi Lahlou. You’ll also see two panels, Building Trust Through Technology and Personalities for Socially Interactive Bots as well as the opening performance by Cardinal Calypso.

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