Building Trust Through Technologies

Moderator: Greg Nuyens is a veteran technology executive and entrepreneur with global experience. He has founded/led software companies such TuneUp Media (digital music curation), Teleplace (Virtual Reality for enterprise collaboration), Devicescape (Wide area and embedded wireless), Neomar (Enterprise mobile computing) and Ilog (AI and optimization). He also held research and technology transfer roles at Xerox PARC, INRIA in France and currently with mediaX at Stanford University. Greg holds a MS in Computer Science from Stanford University and a BS in Computer Science from Carleton University.

Marcelo Tournier is Director of SESI (Social Service of Industry) Innovation Center for Health Technologies. SESI Santa Catarina is a private, non-profit organization responsible for education and wellbeing programs for almost one million manufacturing employees in Brazil, improving working conditions and productivity. Marcelo supports a multi-cultural network with more than 20 countries and Brazilian Governmental Entities related to wellbeing and Innovation. Now, he is helping the ecosystem to connect insights from various sources, amalgamating them into new solutions to build a skilled, resilient and healthy workforce. Marcelo discusses…

1. SESI is developing a new platform for promoting safer workplaces-integrating a smart web of sensors, risk management AI, on-site + on-demand worker training, and a “smart helmet”.
2. Because of concerns about data misuse, a framework of “Design for Good Will & Trust” was developed to build shared values among all stakeholders (workers, employers, unions, and the Government).
3. One of the outcomes of this design process was the Platform Ethos, presented informally, in plain language and plain sight, for all users.

Yangbin Wang is Chairman and CEO of Vobile Group, the worldwide leader in video content protection, measurement and monetization services. Vobile received the 69th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Award for its innovation excellence in developing video identification technology to protect content value and copyright. Vobile is headquartered in the Silicon Valley, with additional operating center in Portland, Oregon, and overseas offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Hangzhou, China. Yangbin looks at…

1. Original content creation is essential to the global entertainment business and to our everyday life.
2. Content creators need to be adequately compensated and maximize the reach to their audience to realize the value of content.
3. AI-powered technology platforms can help content creators protect content value and augment audience reach globally in the new era.

Emily Withrow is director of the Quartz Bot Studio, where she writes, designs, and builds narrative experiences for messaging and voice platforms. Her work examines how people and bots interact, and how to best reach new audiences and build better relationships via these emerging platforms. She’s also a professor at Northwestern University, where she taught for six years prior to joining Quartz, most recently embedded with the Knight Lab. Before that, she worked for The A.V. Club and McKinsey & Company. Emily addresses…

1. We’re not designing conversations; we’re building relationships. These evolve over time and require investment on both sides.
2. Emotional intelligence is every bit as important as artificial intelligence.
3. Social media is a one-to-many model; chats are one-to-one, at scale. This changes the nature of the communication and allows for better individual experiences.