Why This? Why Now? Why Us?

Martha Russell is Executive Director of mediaX at Stanford University and Senior Research Scholar with the Human Sciences Technology Advanced Research Institute at Stanford. She leads business alliances and interdisciplinary research for mediaX at Stanford University. Russell’s background spans a range of business development, innovation and technology-transfer initiatives in information sciences, agriculture, communications, and microelectronics – for businesses, universities and regional development organizations. With a focus on the power of shared vision, Russell has developed planning/evaluation systems and consulted regionally and internationally on technology innovation for regional development. In her opening remarks, Martha looks at…

1. As “Industry 4.0” becomes a reality, the horizon view opens up to “Society 5.0,” a vision in which implicit values about the “common good” are explicitly expressed. These values are the foundation of mediaX discovery.
2. Stanford’s responses to the disruptions confronting the intersections of people and information technologies are multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary; the world pays attention to what we do.
3. As a member-supported organization, the mediaX response to these challenges reflects the interests and concerns of our members. Thank you to our members for the support for this Conference and for ongoing discovery collaborations.