Horizons on mediaX Research Themes

David Evans is the President of David A. Evans LLC. He was the founder, president, CEO and chief scientist of JustSystems Evans Research, Inc., and also a chief scientist and director for JustSystems Corp. in Japan. Dr. Evans developed the CLARIT system, which pioneered the use of NLP-based language analysis to support automatic text indexing, retrieval, filtering, categorization, summarization, extraction, and information organization (all within a single process). Today, CLARIT is the core technology in JustSystems’s ConceptBase product and has become the leading enterprise knowledge management software suite in Japan (with over 50% market share). In this talk, David looks at these key points…

1. Trust is an emergent property. The answer will not lie in technological tweaks implemented behind a proprietary curtain.
2. The academic and tech communities must take the lead in changing expectations, standards and practices.
3. Academia has a special role, fostering trusted partnerships for open collaboration.
4. mediaX facilitates discovery collaborations between industry and Stanford thought leaders – join us in our new Research Focus exploring key issues in transparency, trust and technology.