Rights, Revenues and Responsibilities in the Supply Chain of Data

Will Murphy is a pioneer in Blockchain technologies. Previously, Will was VP of Blockchain at Talla, where he was the founding VP of Product. He was also a Principal and corporate entrepreneur within FedEx Innovation, where he led new emerging tech venture development initiatives. He was a co-founder of SenseAware, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, which was later operationalized by FedEx. He has led initiatives concerning big data, applied AI, e-commerce, the collaborative economy, and sustainable technologies. Additionally, he has been involved in autonomous vehicle, drone, blockchain, and 3D printing research. In his talk, Will looks at…

1. The dangers of AI (even before it becomes sentient).
2. Complex, intelligent system design.
3. Rules for creating bots (10 principles of bot design).
4. Managing bot employees: ID, decision validation, collaboration, and learning.