What You Need to Know About Your Child’s School Data

Marsali Hancock is the CEO of EP3 Foundation, a neutral nonprofit that unlocks data silos allowing access to data needed while protecting sensitive, personal health information and confidentiality. She also serves as a commissioner for the Global Information Infrastructure Commission, the oldest internet policy organization where she works with nation-state leaders to build robust communication networks companioned with proactive online safety and security initiatives. Previously, Marsali developed the first Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved COPPA safe harbor providing state and federal education law certifications. Marsali is also deeply involved nationally and internationally in measuring and defining positive digital cultures, responsible regulatory frameworks, data privacy, data compliance, and effective education initiatives that both empower and protect consumers. In this talk Marsali addresses…

1. We do not yet understand the true value of data, nor do we fully understand how data is used.
2. Information gathered about our children from their schoolwork, social networks, devices, applications and other interaction will be used for decades.
3. Educators and administrators need training to understand how data is used, its value for the digital economy and innovation, and the implications of unexpected outcomes.
4. We need to better understand how we are going to work together to protect our children’s digital assets.