AI for Culturally Relevant Interactions Presentations are Available

November 14, 2018
AI Culture Presentations Main Image

On October 17, 2018, mediaX convened thought leaders from academia and industry in the emerging arena of cultural and societal interactions with big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence for a Forum on AI for Culturally Relevant Interactions. The goal of the Forum was to move the human-AI relationship forward by bringing industry trailblazers together with Stanford cross-disciplinary thought leadership to examine and evolve concepts, technologies and practice used to integrate culture and identity with artificial intelligence and robots.

Important Questions for consideration included:
•What cultural issues and concerns are critical for AI applications?
•How will consumers’ relationships to brands be shaped by culture in AI storytelling?
•How does culture influence perception of human rights and privileges in the digital world?
•How can traditions, histories, and collective experiences shape an individual’s experience of AI products?
•What elements of human culture can be emulated by artificially intelligent entities, particularly in a world of such varied human experiences?

Watch ALL of the Talks Featuring:
Hazel Rose Markus, Ethan Watters, Davar Ardalan, Antero Garcia, Albert Boyang Li, Angèle Christin, Jordanne Pavao and Rama Akkiraju. You can also watch the Insights from Embodied and Non-embodied AI Panel and the Translating Code in Culture for Brand Meaning Fireside Chat.

Click the name or panel above to see the individual sessions or watch all of the talks in the playlist below.
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