Fireside Chat: Translating Code in Culture for Brand Meaning

Jason Wilmot (Moderator) is the Director of Communications and Events for mediaX at Stanford University. He’s a media, marketing and communications professional who specializes in building awareness for globally reaching campaigns and projects using multi-platform distribution to increase overall engagement. Jason spent 13 years managing and running commercial broadcast stations in the United States, and is familiar with creating and distributing content that gains attention from any audience in the “instant gratification what have you done for me lately world” we currently live in

Elodie Mailliet StormElodie Mailliet Storm is Senior Director of Strategic Development at Getty Images based in the Bay Area. In 2016, Elodie was named a JSK fellow in media innovation at Stanford University where she researched the monetization of photography in the age of social and search. Prior to this, she led content Partnerships and Business Development at Getty Images, where she oversaw content acquisition, strategy and partnerships with over 300 large media companies globally such as Vice, Conde Nast, National Geographic, amongst others. She is also at the origin of brand partnerships and crowdsourcing initiatives such as the Getty Images Instagram grant.

Andrea GaglianoAndrea Gagliano is a Data Scientist working on visual intelligence research at Getty Images. Andrea works at the intersection between technology and creativity and is responsible for building data products that improve the workflows of both Getty Images photographers and customers. She harnesses the power of AI to inspire creatives and help them scale. Her graduate research at UC Berkeley investigated machine learning in creative acts including poetry and painting. She is the recipient of an award for her machine generated poetry.

In this discussion, Elodie and Andrea address:
1. AI helps scale rather than automate creative tasks.
2. AI enhances curation with inspiration.
3. Building culturally aware AI in the creative field stems from collaboration.