Inviting “We The People” To AI

Davar ArdalanDavar Ardalan, IVOW Founder and Storyteller in Chief. Davar has been a journalist in public media for 25 years, most of those at NPR News, where she designed stories anchored in multiculturalism and steeped in historical context. In 2015, her last position at NPR was senior producer of the Identity and Culture Unit. Realizing that there is a gaping hole in AI algorithms that will define our future stories, Davar created IVOW, whose AI software sifts through data on world cultures, traditions and history for modern consumer storytelling applications.In this talk, Davar looks at these points:

1. In 2017, some 850 stories in the Washington Post were produced by machines and not human journalists. Automated news is here and getting stronger.
2. What is Deeply Inclusive AI (DiAi) and how can it create a more inclusive and ethical society as we rapidly move towards automated intelligent storytelling?
3. While, Deeply Inclusive AI (DiAi) falls in the Beneficial AI category, we argue that it also makes for sound business strategy as industries better understand each of their customer’s needs and motivations.
4. A deeper understanding of every customer’s personal story and cultural background is vital for competing in a marketplace increasingly dominated by Artificial Intelligence. It will take collaboration across industries to make DiAi a reality.