Immersion for Discovery

Multiple perspectives are required when we examine the human experience. The personal experience is integrated and holistic. To study the human experience deeply and discover its nuances, a tightened focus improves precision and reveals subtleties. In this series, we explore several dimensions of the human experience of discovery – acoustic latency, haptic feedback, and the contribution of design.

Dr. Chris Chafe describes human sensitivity to acoustic latency and innovations that improving audio streaming technology for remotely-connected ensembles of musicians. The ability to activate human’s sense of touch, the limitations of human tactile perception, and the advantages of multi-sensory cues are presented by Dr. Allison Okamura. Dr. Ge Wang advocates that well-designed technology can create calm and promote discovery.

Click on the names and titles below to see the individual talks OR see all three in the playlist below:
Chris ChafeDiagnosing Acoustic Latency: Human Perception of Milliseconds
Allison OkamuraEngineering for Tactile/Haptic Thresholds
Ge WangThe Artful Design of Immersion

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