2019 Disruptive Technology & Digital Cities Summit

This year, the summit on June 3rd and 4th will focus is on “Crossing the Data Layer Through Mobility,” and will look at how new advances in material sciences, robotics, electric cars, cyber-security, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence will impact the exchange of data to create new insights in urban settings.

Dream Team: Computational Techniques for Adaptive Teams

From The Theme SMART OFFICE WORKFLOWS WHAT IF What if we could leverage computation and machine learning to optimize team structure? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We set out to explore a new computationally empowered management practice for teams. We developed a system called “DreamTeam” that experiments with a set of possible team structures […]

Trust and Transparency in Personalized Algorithms

The Trust, Transparency & Technology panel series consists of discussions that delve into the research, concepts and tools that may help create open collaborations in a world of automated intelligent agents, algorithm-driven interactions, and machines that can learn what humans can't explain.

Designing Sensor-Based Interactions by Example

From The Theme HUMAN MACHINE INTERACTION AND SENSING WHAT IF? What if we had tools that made designing sensor-based interactions, applications and products as easy as demonstrating sensor input and desired behavior? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We set out to develop a tool that would make designing sensor-based interactions as easy as performing […]

Interaction Archetypes in Global Teamwork (Arche)

From The Theme CONTEXTUAL FUTURES FOR SMART PERSONAL DEVICES WHAT IF? What if ubiquitous wearable sensors and smart devices could be leveraged to augment global team interaction, improve team dynamics, and unlock new team potential? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We proposed Arche, a concept-proving project aimed at uncovering interaction archetypes in global teamwork […]

Enabling Impromptu Interaction Through a Robotic Water Cooler

From The Theme CONTEXTUAL FUTURES FOR SMART PERSONAL DEVICES WHAT IF? What if we could leverage smart personal devices, and their communicative abilities, to encourage coworkers to interact with each other? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We set out to develop a personal, robot interaction platform that, through its movement and behavior, triggers individuals […]

TweakCorps: Re-targeting Existing Webpages for Diverse Devices and Users

From The Theme PUBLISH ON DEMAND WHAT IF What if there were a machine learning algorithm that could identify and label design elements of web pages? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We focused on one popular class of semantic identifiers – those concerned with the structure (information architecture) of a page. Across webpages, there […]