Role Choices of Robotic Teammates

Ryota Yamada is a Chief Specialist of Technology focused on Information and Communication Technology at the Open Innovation Group, Innovation Exploring Initiative H.Q., OMRON Corporation. He joined OMRON in 2002 as a Software Engineer. From 2003 to 2006, He was a Visiting Researcher at mediaX at Stanford University, where he worked with the Late Professor Cliff Nass on designing and implementing Socially Intelligent Agent technology, which improves human performance. After returning to Japan, he worked on the research and development of web communication systems for experts in factory and wireless sensor network systems. Now he is working on collaboration for open innovation.

Ryota shows how AI, Inspired by new frontiers in factory automation, facilitates the relationship between humans and machines. He describes the trajectory of sensing and control needed to achieve harmonization to expand human potential in a co-evolution paradigm.