Role Choices of Robotic Teammates

Ryota Yamada is a Chief Specialist of Technology focused on Information and Communication Technology at the Open Innovation Group, Innovation Exploring Initiative H.Q., OMRON Corporation. He joined OMRON in 2002 as a Software Engineer. From 2003 to 2006, He was a Visiting Researcher at mediaX at Stanford University, where he worked with the Late Professor […]

Robotics and AI for COVID Resilience

From the mediaX webinar series “Thinking Tools for Wicked Problems”, Neil Jacobstein will cover some of the current uses of AI in addressing COVID-19, focusing on large scale collaborations such as the XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance, the Kaggle COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge, and many team efforts to develop drugs and vaccines.

Robotics for Human Resilience

mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar Neil Jacobstein addresses the importance of using robots during the COVID-19 pandemic period and beyond as bobotics can be framed as a useful set of tools for seamless extensions of our ability to do local work remotely.

Making Noise Intentional: Capturing and Designing Robotic Sonic Expressions

From The Theme SMART OFFICE WORKFLOWS WHAT IF What if we could better understand how robotic sound influences human perceptions and interactions? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We set out to develop design heuristics for the sounds that are a byproduct of interactive objects in the technologically advanced workplace of the future. Specifically, we […]

Interaction Using Situated Spatial Gestures

From The Theme
 KNOWLEDGE WORKER PRODUCTIVITY WHAT IF What if we could improve interfaces for context, comprehension and human-machine performance, in order to develop machines that could sense and respond to people’s movements and behaviors? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We set out to improve human-machine interaction by enabling machines to detect and respond […]

Enabling Impromptu Interaction Through a Robotic Water Cooler

From The Theme CONTEXTUAL FUTURES FOR SMART PERSONAL DEVICES WHAT IF? What if we could leverage smart personal devices, and their communicative abilities, to encourage coworkers to interact with each other? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We set out to develop a personal, robot interaction platform that, through its movement and behavior, triggers individuals […]