Immersion for Collaboration

Human requirements for collaboration and teamwork transfer into immersive environments. These requirements include awareness of the relationship between self and other in the environment, attention and engagement, and socio-cultural norms for behavior. Highlights from this colloquium include:

Dr. Nick Haber describes a new model for understanding the relationship between self and other – an essential element for agent-based environmental augmentation. Insights from several decades of experiences are described by Dr. Renate Fruchter in her work with the Project Based Learning Lab in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Opportunities to learn positive team skills by playing online games are described by Ivan Davies, whose key performance indicators for prosocial behavior in the League of Legends has laid the foundation for a massively multiplayer game to augment the development of teamwork for youth.

Click on the names and titles below to see the individual talks OR see all three in the playlist below:
Nick HaberAI for Affect, Personalization and Reciprocity: Modeling the Self and the Other
Renate FruchterAttention and Engagement for Teamwork
Ivan DaviesPlayers First: The Responsibility & Opportunity of Multiplayer Video Games Today

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