Personal Journeys Around Change

The dictionary defines change as, “make or become different”. What seems like a simple concept can cause a mix of emotions some of which cause a person to shut down and become anxious. That said, it’s impossible to make a change without taking the first step forward. Change can be a very positive thing to embrace.

What is required to start change and keep that transformation momentum rolling? The “Sharing Personal Journeys” webinar series wraps up with Jason Wilmot, Director of Communications and Events with mediaX as he examines a personal story of changing mindset, routine and expectations in order to achieve a large goal that was once thought out of reach. The session will also explore…

*How change is only seen as change when it starts, but soon becomes the norm.
*The importance of becoming an agent of change and transformation instead of being rolled over by their forces.

Some important questions to think about before any change is attempted:
*Do you feel excited about change or do you feel anxious and nervous?
*What type of change would you like to see in your daily routine?
*Is the transformation at the end worth the change you make?


Jason WilmotJason Wilmot is Director of Communications and Events for mediaX at Stanford University. Jason has a wealth of knowledge around concepts and tools used to integrate perspectives and help mediaX members apply multi-disciplinary research insights from a wide variety of Stanford labs, including robotics, human-computer interaction, social and computing sciences, online media content and digital learning environments. Jason has significant experience in media management – managing and running commercial broadcast stations in the United States, as well as creating and distributing content that gains attention from audiences and communities in the “instant gratification what have you done for me lately world.” He’s a hands-on creative manager who specializes in building awareness for globally-reaching campaigns and projects using multi-platform distribution.