Innovation Ecosystems for AI-Based Education, Training and Learning Symposium Talks Are Available

December 8, 2017
Innovation Ecosystems Presentations Available

The “Innovation Ecosystems for AI-Based Education, Training and Learning” Symposium took place at Stanford University on November 13th 2018 in the Bechtel Conference Center. Thought Leaders from across the mediaX community came together to examine how artificially intelligent capabilities are being introduced into teaching and learning products and services.

Relying on peer-to-peer linkages and horizontal relationships, the collective action of independent actors using AI is reshaping education, training and learning. The mindsets, organizational constructs and technological systems of multi-sided markets, platforms and ecosystems offer opportunities to reframe how we think about product development and service delivery for education and training, including certification, credentialing and accreditation.

These emerging networks of startups with AI-based learning, education and training are reshaping the edtech industry. As innovators move through seed and early stage deals to expansion and acquisition, the relationships among founders, key employees, board members, and financing organizations inform opportunities and choices in this new business landscape. Together they create the Innovation Ecosystems of AI-based education, training and learning.

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Martha Russell, Bruce McCandliss, Vinay Chaudhri, Lewis Johnson, Timothy Kasbe, Walter Powell, Paulo Blikstein, Michael Kirst, Prasad Ram, Hannes Rothe, Kaisa Still, Tamara Carleton, Yuri Nakao, Neil Rubens, Rahul Basole & Jennifer House

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