Show Me The Money

Jennifer House is President of RedRock Reports, an education funding services company. A noted education market leader, Dr. House is a former teacher, reading specialist, school district administrator and educational technology innovator. In addition to heading up the Curriculum Department for the Cupertino Union School District in CA, she also led engineering education and marketing programs for Hewlett-Packard, managed K-12 marketing programs for Apple Computer, held executive positions with Tenth Planet, Classroom Connect, and other leading K-12 organizations. This talk focusses around government funding in education.

Michael Carter specializes in the strategy, design and development of learning solutions based on emerging technology. He at one time professed history at Dartmouth College; helped Stanford faculty create exemplary instructional applications; directed education research in Apple’s Advanced Technology Group; produced Oxford, Stanford and Yale’s online offerings for their alumni; and, edited and published research on digital media and learning for the MIT Press. He has designed and produced games for kids and grownups about history, science, mathematics, storytelling, executive function, conservation and ecology.