The Mandate for Clean, Trustworthy Data for AI-Supported Human Learning

Timothy Kasbe is the CIO The Warehouse Group, New Zealand. Prior to this, he was on the executive leadership team at Gloria Jeans Company, and is their Chief Operating Officer. In this role, he leads Supply Chain, information, technology, and company strategy. Gloria Jeans is a vertically integrated retailer with 48 manufacturing factories in Russia and Ukraine, and a large import network from China, Vietnam and Uzbekistan. In this talk, Timothy examines…

1. AI provides unprecedented opportunities for human learning by embedding “teaching moments” throughout the enterprise in the business process flows.
2. AI essentially is lost without data and horrible with incomplete or inaccurate data. Taking human element out of generating data for AI remains the best opportunity to perfect AI learnings to aid humans.
3. Essentially different learning methods of AI vs Humans make the future promising landscape for “mixed learnings” to speed up and augment human capability.