Expected & Unexpected Transformation Issues in Building a Learning Ecosystem

Tamara Carleton is a global leader in helping organizations to create vision-led, radical innovations. She is the CEO and founder of Innovation Leadership Board LLC and lead author of the Playbook for Strategic Foresight and Innovation. At the Foresight & Innovation lab at Stanford she explores how the world’s most innovative companies create technology visions and take action. She is an instructor with Stanford University’s Continuing Studies program, an Adjunct Professor at American University, and a Visiting Professor at Waseda Institute of Technology in Japan. In her talk, Tamara looks at these points…

1. Begun in 2007, SUGAR is a semi-formalized global network of university teaching teams overseeing student design projects sponsored by companies. These projects are taught in at least eight different countries on four different continents.
2. Generally, all foreign teaching teams follow the methodology of the award-winning ME310 course, which has been taught at Stanford University since 1967. The curriculum provides a central organizing theme across network groups.
3. A visual map was needed to explain network relationships and is now done as an annual exercise.