Human AI Collaboration Presentations are Available to See

November 21, 2017
Human AI Presentations Available

The “Human AI Collaboration: A Dynamic Frontier” Conference took place on November 1st in the Mackenzie Room at Stanford University. In the best of circumstances, collaboration and teamwork present challenges. Even teams of highly competent people struggle to clarify goals, understand each other in conversations, define roles and responsibilities, and adapt when necessary.

Determining what we want from collaboration is sometimes the hardest task.

Establishing confidence and trust in team members can make or break a project, and this is equally true of the relationships we have with our digital assistants and AI collaborators. The expanding capabilities and applications of intelligent machines call for a more sophisticated understanding of the relationships between people and AI.

Thought Leaders from the mediaX community came together to discuss:
1. On which tasks will machines with AI be able to out-perform humans?
2. What do we know about people and technology that will help us establish confidence, certainty and collaboration in the new partnerships between human and artificial intelligence?
And, most importantly:
3. How can intelligent machines truly enhance the human experience?

Watch the Talks From…
Martha Russell, Neil Jacobstein (Highlights), Daniel Rubin, Ajay Chander, Peter Norvig, David Bailey, Amy Kruse, Poppy Crum and both panels: Human Learning, After Machine Learning & Creating Conversations Between Humans & AI’s

Click the name or panel above to see the individual sessions or watch all of the talks in the playlist below. CLICK HERE for the questions asked during the conference using the SMILE App and keep the conversation going.

CLICK HERE for key points each thought leader addressed.