Human 2.0: How to Build a Centaur & Why It’s Going to Change the World

Amy Kruse is the Chief Scientific Officer of the Platypus Institute, an applied neuroscience research organization that translates cutting-edge neuroscience discoveries into practical tools and programs which enhance the human experience. Dr. Kruse’s primary focus at the Platypus Institute is a project entitled “Human 2.0” – a multi-faceted initiative that helps selected individuals and teams leverage neurotechnology to generate meaningful competitive advantages. Her ultimate goal with the Human 2.0 project is to create a vibrant, widespread neurotechnology industry that allows humanity to upgrade the human brain and, thereby, the human condition. In this talk, Amy discusses these points…

1. The Centaur vision blends the analytical powers of the human brain with those of a computer to create a novel, super-powered system.
2. The most exciting uses of artificial intelligence technology will not be performing “black box” analytics, but rather bringing to life J.C.R. Licklider’s dream of “Human Computer Symbiosis.”
3. We understand the architecture, key components and data flows needed to actually build a Centaur.
4. The centaur approach will have an impact on many domains and exciting application areas.