The Quest for Transparent AI

Ajay Chander leads R&D teams in imagining and building new human-centric technologies and products. His work has spanned digital healthcare and wellness, software security, and behavior design. Currently, Dr. Chander directs the Digital Life Lab at Fujitsu Labs of America, which builds solutions that acknowledge and leverage the “humans-in-the-loop” in an increasingly digitally dense world. At Fujitsu, Dr. Chander also provides technical and thought/strategy leadership for all aspects of the interplay between technology and the human experience, with a focus on human-centric systems and solutions. In this talk, Ajay looks at…

1. We are now living in the Augmented Age, where the default mindset is to seek to enhance human output with machine (AI) assistance.
2. AI modules are currently being crafted as “black boxes” by engineers in a process that has inherent data and modeling biases, rendering such “Dark AI” unsuitable for interactive co-creation with humans.
3. Transparent AI encompasses AI accessibility, explainability, and tune-ability, making AI a more welcome partner for many human workflows and explorations.