Making Sense of Emerging Ecosystems Using Visual Analytics

Rahul Basole is an Associate Professor in the School of Interactive Computing, the Associate Director of the Tennenbaum Institute/IPaT, and a faculty member in the GVU Center at Georgia Tech. He is also a Visiting Scholar in the mediaX/H*STAR Institute at Stanford University. His research and teaching focuses on computational enterprise science, information visualization, and strategic decision support. Current research includes the design, development, and application of novel visual analytic tools for understanding complex business ecosystems and enterprises in a diverse set of industries including technology, healthcare, energy, and global manufacturing. In this talk, Rahul looks at these points…

1. Ecosystem intelligence is a critical capability for every stakeholder.
2. Computational + visual analytic methods applied to heterogeneous data and data types can reveal valuable new insights.
3. Structure and strategy have a symbiotic relationship.