The Human Code for Learning

Martha RussellMartha Russell is Executive Director of mediaX at Stanford University and Senior Research Scholar with the Human Sciences Technology Advanced Research Institute at Stanford. Dr. Russell leads business alliances and interdisciplinary research for mediaX at Stanford University. With people and technology as the intersecting vectors. Russell’s background spans a range of business development, innovation and technology-transfer initiatives in information sciences, agriculture, communications, and microelectronics – for businesses, universities and regional development organizations. With a focus on the power of shared vision, Russell has developed planning/evaluation systems and consulted regionally and internationally on technology innovation for regional development.

In this talk, Martha looks at how mediaX co-creation of insights relies on industry-facing, faculty inspired, inquiry-driven research, funded by mediaX members, conducted at Stanford. She also examines…

1. The human experience is built around sharing information between people and among groups; understanding learning is fundamental to creating successful user experiences.
2. Learning analytics is much more than “analyzing learning data”—it is about deeply understanding what learning activities work well, for whom, and when.
3. The field of learning analytics has the potential to dramatically increase learner success through deeper understanding of the academic, social-emotional, motivational, identity and meta-cognitive context that each learner uniquely brings to learning. These insights can be applicatied in business, entertainment, and wellness as well.