Change the Future Through Changing the Mind

Karen WangKaren Wang is a co-founder of Wisdom Academy. Wisdom Academy focuses on the development and application of innovative and cost-effective mind training tools, to enhance individuals’ cognitive ability, increase resilience, and promote long term physical and psychological wellbeing. They also have a particular focus on children and their caregivers, given that mind training is much cost-effective at a younger age due to neuroplasticity in early life. Wisdom Academy collaborates with several worlds leading academies, education groups as well as online platforms in the field. Before founding Wisdom Academy, Karen has been working with UNICEF for eight years, with a focus on psychosocial support for children, especially the disadvantaged ones.

In this talk Karen breaks away from the technology side of things to address how we as a society can change the future through changing the “mind”, the importance of how social emotional skill is not a “soft skill” and combining ancient wisdom with current science and technologies. Karen also looks deeper into…

1. We can change the future through changing the “mind”.
2. Social Emotional skill is not a “soft skill”.
3. Combine ancient wisdom with current science and technology.