Connecting the Learner with Learning in Learning Management Systems

Ajay MadhokAjay Madhok is the Founding Partner of Reboot Digital and an Advisor to Playground Global. He is a growth architect, challenging norms to uncover technology-powered growth opportunities, calibrating businesses for commercial success, by enlisting entrepreneurial talent to deliver outcomes via purpose-built startups. Ajay’s re-imagination experience includes building four ventures, with two getting acquired, one merged, and one acqui-hired. He is an expert in product innovation and ecosystem development for a range of industries including Telecom, Media, Education, Logistics, and Financial Services. He is currently researching innovation models that large enterprises can practice to stay competitive and relevant, avoiding patterns that limit growth. The purpose-built startup is one such model that draws on his experience in combining foundational assets of an enterprise with startup talent to create new value.

In this talk, Ajay looks at how he helped to design a digital Learning management System as the learning environment to deliver Learning Experiences that learners value. The goal was to engage the learners (students) in directing their own learning by helping them set goals, track progress through their dashboard, select materials and challenges that matched to their current capacities. Ajay also dives deeper into…

1. Effective learning depends on understanding Learner’s prior knowledge, experiences, motivations, interests, language and cognitive skills.
2. Connecting (engaging) learners in an emotionally supportive (non-threatening) learning environment promotes learners sense of belonging, adaptability, agency and learner outcomes.
3. Personalizing the Learning Experience Layer, by orchestrating interconnected concepts (and networks) Connect the Learner with the Learning.