January 24

Research at the Service of Free Knowledge

Human-Computer Interaction Seminar Series
11:30-12:30 · Gates B1

With roughly 20 billion monthly pageviews, 10 million monthly edits, and almost 50 million articles across 300+ languages, Wikipedia has become a canonical part of the Free Knowledge ecosystem: enabling people to have access to knowledge and empowering them to participate in the discourse of gathering and sharing the sum of all human knowledge. In this presentation, I define Wikipedia’s space in the free knowledge ecosystem and lay out some of the important questions the project faces as it approaches its third decade. I talk about a branch of research to understand and address Wikipedia’s knowledge gaps as well as improving and defending the integrity of knowledge on Wikipedia. I close by sharing some of the open research questions and directions.

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Leila Zia is a Principal Research Scientist and the Head of the Research team at the Wikimedia Foundation, the foundation that operates Wikipedia and its sister projects. Her research interests include quantifying and addressing the gaps of knowledge in Wikipedia and Wikidata, understanding Wikipedia's readers, and studying the contributor diversity on Wikimedia projects. She received her PhD from Stanford University in Management Science and Engineering. Photo attribution: Myleen Hollero