October 25

Enterprise Innovation Workshop

On October 25th, 2019 mediaX will hold a day-long workshop for mediaX members, on enterprise innovation. The workshop will be open to people from mediaX-affiliated organizations and will focus on strategies for enterprises to leverage foundational assets with startup energy and ingenuity.

THIS EVENT IS FULL. For questions contact Adelaide Dawes. To inquire about membership in mediaX at Stanford University, contact Elizabeth Wilsey.

The workshop will be held 9am to 5pm at Playground Global, a startup incubator created by Silicon Valley legends, Andy Rubin, Bruce Leak, Matt Hershenson, and Peter Barrett. Ajay Madhok, mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar, will lead the workshop, supported by startup analyses by Dr. Neil Rubens of SectorMap.net. Madhok is a serial entrepreneur and advisor to Playground.

The workshop process involves team-based activities: framing the question, identifying related startups (their competitive and collaborative potential), generating ideas, discovering opportunities, making ideas tangible, and re-imagining business. The workshop will demonstrate process models for both identifying the product your future customers want and imagining how it can be delivered through a purpose-built startup backed by enterprise interests.

We will illustrate the workshop process with two case studies that will focus on interaction between the individual and the algorithm: one in the industry 4.0 context, one in learning analytics context.

Through this experience, participants will learn and experience a mindset and take away a toolkit to explore new markets, create experiments, and convert ideas into products, and products into businesses. We think you’ll want them to share these with others at your company. Of course, the networking opportunity is significant, too.