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What if we could streamline academic article production for both authors and publishers through the use of extensible markup language in an assisted automated system?

Our goal was to develop a scholarly article parsing toolchain that would include a parsing engine, reference checking, and copy-editing and to make it available as a web service. We sought to use open-source technologies wherever possible to facilitate rapid, industry-standard development and to integrate our service with Public Knowledge Project platforms, such as Open Journal Systems.

With our parsing engine, we added layers of parsing functionality for automatic formatting of submissions. We opened a metered, subscription- based access to our webservice and released an open-source plugin for Open Journal Systems; this plugin integrates our parsing functionality into existing scholarly journal workflows. We also implemented copy-editing functionality to improve text value, and we plan a reference review flagging system that verifies quotations against cited
open-access texts, flags mis-parses and missing references.

mediaX Research Project Update, Fall 2013

mediaX Research Theme Update, Spring 2013

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John Willinsky is Khosla Family Professor in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University. He began his career as a school teacher in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, before going on to complete degrees in English, Education Theory, and the Sociology of Education. Willinsky also directs the Public Knowledge Project, in a partnership with Simon Fraser University Library, which has developed award-winning open source (free) software for the online management and publishing of principally open access journals and books.

Alex Garnett is a Digital Preservation & Research Data Curation Librarian at Simon Fraser University. Using this as a (very poor man’s) preprint archive, so that he can ask forgiveness rather than permission re: most of his intellectual property rights (it helps that this is hosted off of a Pentium II taped to the bottom of my bedside table), and so that CiteSeer can properly CiteSeeMe.

Juan Pablo Alperin is an Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University and Research Associate for the Public Knowledge Project. With research interests in new media technologies and scholarly publishing, he leads several research and development projects.He’s a multidisciplinary scholar with over eight years of experience in online scholarly publishing. His expertise include editorial workflow management, indexing, XML production, software development, scholarly communications, Web technologies, and social media metrics.