Immersive Technologies for Discovery

In this first-of-kind, the Very Virtual Retreat we will use existing and emerging technologies to leverage experiences and insights from the mediaX membership community of scholars, researchers, instructors and learners focusing on immersive technologies for discovery.

Smarter Scholarly Texts

From The Theme PUBLISH ON DEMAND WHAT IF What if we could streamline academic article production for both authors and publishers through the use of extensible markup language in an assisted automated system? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO Our goal was to develop a scholarly article parsing toolchain that would include a parsing engine, […]

Kindred Britain 2.0 – Can We Walk the Past’s Streets

From The Theme MEMORY, ESTATE AND LEGACIES IN A DIGITAL WORLD WHAT IF What if we could create a multidimensional, dynamic and interactive visual infographic, combining data on people, time and space to track the evolution of concepts, relationships and ideas? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO Our goal is to leverage a curated and […]