Drop Dead Happy

Davis uses art to help him be available to himself-in the time he is has left. Seeking presence and choices in most every moment. People who attend the webinar will be invited into Davis’ conversations on three subjects. 1. Creativity. 2. Exercise and Diet. 3, sociability. You will most likely think differently than Davis. And that is the point. Reflect on your own conversation of how to live vibrantly, as Davis reflects on his. From these fresh perspectives you may start making a difference in how you age whatever your age is.


Davis MastenDavis Masten’s life changed dramatically after he was read Last Rites. At the time Davis was the co-chair of the Presidents’ Circle of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. He had also just finished two terms of the Advisory Committee for the Earth and Life Studies division of the National Research Council. There he chaired the communications subcommittee on climate change, oceans, air, water, stem cells, life sciences, etc. At the time he also chaired Quantified Self Labs and served on the board of directors of Mattson & Co, among other companies.

Davis switched his focus to developing a lifestyle called Drop Dead Happy.

For over 30 years, Davis was Catalyst and Chairman of Cheskin. Cheskin, based in Silicon Valley pioneered the area of Design Research and Multicultural Customer Experiences. Clients included 3M, Disney, P&G, HP, Lucasfilm, Microsoft and Pepsico. In 2007, Cheskin was sold to WPP.

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