Building a Digital Trust Ecosystem for Education

In this virtual webinar series thought leaders will explore how intermediaries, through systems and ecosystems, can serve to build trust networks between people and we'll investigate tools, processes, and strategies that are helping to build bridges across a variety of contexts.

Immersive Experience and Service Innovation

Yuji Nakajima is a software engineer at Fujitsu limited. He is leading the development of Industry 4.0 manufacturing applications within Fujitsu. Yuji designed and developed several applications designed to solve the issues in complex assembly operation, using MR, AR/VR technology. In these projects Fujitsu succeeded in increasing the productivity and quality of the operations while […]

Not for the Faint of Heart: Creating an Environment for Learning in Virtual Spaces

Jill Helms is Professor of Surgery (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) at Stanford University. Her research program in the field of regeneration medicine is inspired by collaborations with experts in bioengineering, materials science, physics, and with colleagues in the life sciences. The group focuses on developing strategies to improve tissue healing through the re-activation of autologous […]

AI for Affect, Personalization and Reciprocity: Modeling the Self and the Other

Nick Haber is an Assistant Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, and by courtesy, Computer Science. After receiving his PhD in mathematics on Partial Differential Equation theory, he worked on Sension, a company that applied computer vision to online education. He then co-founded the Autism Glass Project at Stanford, a research effort that […]

Immersive Technologies for Learning

In this first-of-kind, the Very Virtual Retreat we will use existing and emerging technologies to leverage experiences and insights from the mediaX membership community of scholars, researchers, instructors and learners focusing on immersive technologies for learning.

Drop Dead Happy

In this session, after being read his last rights, Davis Masten shares his perspective and personal insights as he explores longevity as an artist and the importance of being available to himself-in the time he is has left. Seeking presence and choices in most every moment.

A Pop-up Training Model for Critical Needs

Van Ton-Quinlivan looks at how health care is a prime example of one of the wicked problems faced in education. Even after a training need is identified, it takes time to achieve agreement across stakeholders to identify the curriculum requirements and find resources to satisfy them.