Mobile Devices Main

Mobile & Alternative Form Factor Devices

The rapidly increasing use of mobile devices across personal and professional environments calls for research into topics that range from a focus on the device itself to the needs, opportunities and requirements for integrating devices into the “connected” computing ecosystem. Additional areas of inquiry include user interfaces, consumer or enterprise use cases for various devices, and explorations of alternative form factors.

Online Media Content Main

Online Media Content

As online media evolves, users are increasingly empowered to tailor and customize content. In this context, there is a growing need for studies into the economics of information and the different structural drivers and mechanics of content personalization by users, content providers and advertisers. Additional research is needed into the technological, procedural, and/or legal mechanisms that facilitate consumer publication.

Digital Learning Research

Digital Learning Environments

Innovations in digital teaching, learning practices and pedagogy call for research that deepens our understanding of their effects and helps improve the functioning of digital or blended learning technologies. This includes research that leverages the large amounts of data readily available to Stanford faculty from instrumented platforms, as well as data from formal, informal, in school and out of school learning environments, with implications that extend to learners and their contexts as well as instructors and administration.

Learning and Training Research

Learning and Training

As digital technologies evolve, there is a growing need for studies that explore interactions and applications for learning, behavior change and collaboration. Additional research is needed at the intersection of human sciences and information technology to inform the development of emerging educational and interactive technologies.