Social and Computing Sciences

Social Computing Research Main

What insights about people and technology are needed to better understand the cognitive, behavioral and visual aspects of information processing?

To help answer this question, mediaX sponsored five research projects that leveraged social science perspectives for a deeper understanding of human interactions with computers, mobile devices and other digital technologies.

Research initiatives highlighted projects that explored the intersection between language, information and cognitive science, including research into technologies for natural language processing, as well as visual information processing. Projects also examined persuasion for behavior change via mobile devices, and the use of interactive technologies for learning by having students teach a computerized agent.

Research Initiatives

Johan van Benthem: Communication, Computers and Cognition

Abby King & B.J. Fogg: Persuasion through Mobile Devices and Operant Conditioning via Interactive Technology

Christopher Manning: Rich and Dynamic Treebank for Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG)

Dan Schwartz: The Willful Pupil Project

Barbara Tversky: Spacial Meaning Constraints in Visual Language Reading